Friday, December 02, 2005

My Blog Went Up in Flames!: Des photos embarrassantes

Rachael, from Fresh Approach Cooking, has an idea for a new meme. Called My Blog Went Up in Flames!, she's asking for our worst pictures. No one, not even the most flattering person on earth trying to butter me up for goodness knows what favor, would say that I'm a great photographer. But I usually take several pictures of my dishes, in hopes that one of them will at least show something about the dish.

The above photo is from when I was still living in Paris. The Boy was in the States, it was summer, and I was getting into reading food blogs. So I found this recipe for Duck with Quatres Epices and Coriander Seeds on Mijo's Je Mijote and made it for myself. It was delicious but I was still getting used to my new camera, so even the final picture I used is not exactly fantastic.

Looking through my old pictures, I did find a couple of "runners-up" for embarrasing photos. The one on the left is of the omelette makers vigorously beating eggs at La mere Poulard in Brittany. They were moving so quickly it was absolutely impossible to take an acceptable photo. And finally, on the right, is a picture of a delicious bowl of Spaghetti with Clams I made myself only a few short months ago in San Francisco. Again--very blurry. I believe I took this one in a poorly lit kitchen, but didn't want to use my flash as I was afraid that would change the vibrant color of my fresh tomato sauce.

Well, here's to better photos in the future!

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