Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Passover Cooking: Mushroom, Onion and Tomato Matzoh Brie

In honor of the last day of Passover, I'd like to share with you the savory matzoh brie I made for dinner last night. As I've mentioned before, matzoh brie is the ultimate "easy meal" to make during Passover, that holiday when leavened food (chametz) is forbidden to Jews. Matzoh brie is like a cross between French toast, a frittata and scrambled eggs. I like to make mine mish-mash style, where you break it up into pieces while it cooks, but there are those whose matzoh bries are far prettier than mine and closely resemble pancakes.

As Passover draws to a close, we've been most missing Italian flavors (not to mention pasta!), so I decided to make a matzoh brie using ingredients one would find in a pasta sauce. Though not pretty, this was delicious, filling and, cold, made an excellent lunch. Enjoy!

Mushroom, Onion and Tomato Matzoh Brie

Heat oil in a large skillet until it runs as easily as water. Add onions and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and golden, 10 minutes. Add mushrooms and cook another 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, place broken matzos in a bowl and cover with chicken stock. Let soak 10 minutes or so. Crack eggs into another bowl and beat until frothy and uniform in color. Squeeze excess moisture out of matzohs and add them to eggs. Add matzoh-egg mixture to pan, along with tomatoes, salt and oregano. Cook--cutting, stirring and flipping--until eggs are set. Add basil leaves and serve. Enjoy!

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