Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogging Events: Blog Appetit Asperge-Fraise

Every time I turn around, it seems there's one more blogging event to participate in. And, unfortunately, it's so easy to lose track of them! As most of you know, Is My Blog Burning does a great job of telling us a lot of what's going on and one of my favorite ways to find new recipes is to look at the round-ups of blog events that I've either participated in or been unable to. It's also a great way of discovering new blogs!

Today was Blog-Appetit #8, whose theme was Asperge-Fraise. Blog-Appetit is the blogging event of the Francophone Blog world, where two ingredients are presented and participants have to make a dish combining them. The dishes are then commented on by a professional French chef. Sound like fun? It certainly is. In the three Blog-Appetits I've participated in, I made Stuffed Mushrooms, Grilled Mussels and a Roasted Duckling. Quite good, if I do say so myself.

So what did I make this time around, you ask? Well, I thought about making an Asparagus-Strawberry Focaccia, but didn't quite get around to figuring out how to make it work and not be too odd a combination. So, instead, I browsed through some favorite blogs tonight to see what others had come up with. Take a look at the complete list of participants. Something tells me we'll be eating a lot of Asparagus and Strawberry this week. Good thing they're both in season!

Also beginning today: Mixology Monday, hosted by Kaiser Penguin. The theme is Mint. Mint Julep, here I come!


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