Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Chinatown!

We've moved to Chinatown, a beautiful one-bedroom apartment with a lovely (small, but with lots of counter and cabinet space) kitchen and a large (by Manhattan standards) balcony, where I can finally have my very own herb garden!

As you can see, we're still settling in (the Boy is currently studying for the Bar exam, so we won't be able to buy all our missing furniture until the end of next week, after the exam). I have been managing to do some cooking, though most of it has not been very exciting; just reveling in the fresh seafood and previously unknown (to me) vegetables. I can already feel my cooking style changing, becoming simpler and more focused on what's available. My food shopping techniques are also harkening back to what they were in Paris, where I shopped for basic pantry items once a week or so and otherwise only bought the necessary vegetables, fruit, protein and cheese for that night. Thusfar, Chinatown has proved a very welcome change to our eating and cooking habits and I can't wait for the discoveries we'll make.
Instead of a recipe today, here are some photos of the apartment. There first two are my five herbs (Rosemary, Silver Thyme, Italian Parsley, Oregano and Tarragon). I'd also love to add Angelica to the mix, though I haven't been able to find any. Any other suggestions?

The next two pictures are of a hutch I recently bought at a thrift store. From the late nineteenth-century, it needs a little work. I'm currently getting rid of its slight musty smell with some Baking Soda. I also plan on sanding it down and repainting the inside and sprinkling Dried Sage. And I need some Liquid Gold to rehydrate the wood. Once it's finished, I'll be able to store my plates, placemats and (as-yet-unpurchased) tablecloths inside, as well as serve from it when I entertain. And beautiful glasses can be displayed on top. It's a project I look forward to and will post pictures of its development.

And finally, because I can't resist photographing him, there's a picture of Ozzy on the kitchen floor, next to his food and water bowls. Enjoy!

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Barbara said...

It is always fun to discover new things when you move to a new area. Enjoy it.