Friday, December 14, 2007

Salade Riviera

Today I offer you another Salad recipe, this one inspired by a packaged Fresh Express Salad Blend I saw at the supermarket. Called the Riviera Salad, it was a mix of Butter Lettuce and Radicchio. Remembering I had a head of Radicchio at home, I decided to put it to use and make my own Riviera Salad.
To me, a Salad with such an evocative name should be far more exciting than just a mix of two lettuces. The Riviera is the French Riviera, bordering with Italy. The food is light and fresh and flavorful. Nice is there, one of our favorite cities when we traveled through France, and its Salads are full of goodies and delicious. Here, then, is my Salade Riviera, greatly inspired by La Nicoise.
Salade Riviera


First, make the Dressing. Combine all ingredients in a jar and mix well.

Next, make the Salad. Combine ingredients in a bowl and toss. Add Dressing to taste. Enjoy!

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I like this blog is fantastic, is really good written. Congratulation. Great photos…this looks delicious ! :-)