Sunday, August 21, 2005

L'annee qui vient

There are changes happening in the life of this blog, changes that must be accepted and dealt with. After my three wonderful weeks in New York, I am on my way back to Southern California from where I will lead a bi-coastal life for one year and one year only as I write two theses and the Boy lives in New York. In SoCal, I will live with two fabulous ladies, who will eat and drink alongside me as we investigate what the LA area has to offer. We will cook and we will eat out. We will go to markets and support each other on our quests to learn about (and delight in!) California wines. And I will record many of these discoveries here, in this blog.

After this year I hope to return to New York and stop all this wandering. But until then, hang in there. We'll get through this and my poor blog can stop going through identity crises as we realize just what it is about.

I have spent the past week in San Francisco, after driving cross-country, before I caravan down to Southern California with one of the ladies I will live with in a week. San Francisco is a dream and I'm so glad to finally get to know this delicious city. Perhaps some day I'll even come back for longer? Ah, but then my blog might be confused.


Barbara said...

A new city to discover. That's got to be good, right?

Lady Amalthea said...

Oh, it definitely is. I love discovering new cities!

Mijo said...

I lived 6 months in San Jose, in the South of San Francisco. I loved San Francisco. I liked a lot Californian wines also!! Sunny wines.

Lady Amalthea said...

I'm very quickly falling in love with San Francisco; it's not difficult. And I am liking Californian wines. I really miss some of the French ones, though.