Friday, May 27, 2005

Le Bistrot d'Henri

Piece de Boucher aux echalottes with the famous Gratin Dauphinois

Before moving out to Paris, I already had a favorite restaurant: Le Bistrot d'Henri. Whenever I would come here with my parents, we always made sure we left one night to come here, as much for the charming service as for the massive portions and the best potatoes gratin ever.

Before he moved out here, while I was still living in a chambre de bonne on the outskirts of Paris, the Boy visited me and I took him to Le Bistrot d'Henri. He enjoyed his steak so much that, only a few days later when we were back in the St-Germain area, we returned for dinner on a Saturday night. We didn't really expect to get in, but Julian, who's the main waiter as well as the one who seems to run everything, told us to return in a half-hour. We did...and waited. But he brought us free glasses of wine and a plate of sausages and olives and we were eventually seated and had a wonderful meal. After that time, Julian knows us and whenever we returns he greets us enthusiastically, even beriding me for being late, which I often am.

This past year we even celebrated New Year's Eve at Le Bistrot d'Henri and had a fantastic time, toasting Julian at midnight. It is the epitome of a French bistro in our mind. When we leave Paris, we know we will always return here.

Last week, Mom was out here visiting again and overlapped with Davey her first night, so we all went out to Le Bistrot d'Henri, where I had the Piece de Boucher with a Shallot sauce and, of course, the Potatoes. This was actually off the regular menu although there's a big blackboard menu of specials that is bigger than the menu of most restaurants. Normally I only order off the blackboard, but I had never had the Piece de Boucher and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Asperges Blancs, my entree

Entrecote aux herbes de provence...and potatoes, bien sur--Davey's main

The food may not be the most inventive, but it's always reliable and the service is excellent. Oh, and the Potatoes alone are worth the trip...

Le Bistrot d'Henri
8, rue Princesse
Metro: Mabillon.


I returned to Le Bistrot d'Henri and it's still as good as I remembered!

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