Monday, October 03, 2005

23rd Post: 5th Line

Barbara at winosandfoodies tagged me for this fun meme about a week ago and, now that I actually have some time to myself, I'm ready to participate. The set-up is to find and write-up the fifth sentench of your 23rd post and "ponder its meaning."

My 23rd post was written right before the Boy and I left our adorable little apartment in Paris and began our travels around France, before returning to the States. The fifth (and last) sentence was: "We've really enjoyed our Paris adventure--stay tuned for the rest!"

Well, it's been four months since we left our apartment and we sure do miss it. We've begun discussing when we'll next be able to return to Paris, even though that seems to be pretty far in the future these days. And as for staying tuned? It looks like some of you have, and some new folks have come along. Thanks for joining!

I'm tagging: 1. Cook Sister! 2. Je mijote 3. Pumpkin Pie Bungalow 4. Who Wants Seconds 5. NYC nosh.

The rules?
Find the 5th line of your 23rd post. Type it up. Look at it/analyze it. Search for any hidden meetings. Share 'em!


Mijo said...

Thank you.
Funny idea. As soon as I have time, I answer it. Certainly on next Monday.

Nosher said...

Oh no! We already did this last week. Tagged twice-- it's flattering at least!

Ana said...

Thanks Lady Amalthea. I'm flattered. Please check my answer here